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Set up a visit

Set up a visit

Anyone is welcome to visit us at any time but to set up a proper visit you must contact us to first discuss your equipment requirement.  We prefer to insure we have the equipment that you require before we proceed in setting up an Itinerary.  If we have the equipment, we will work with you on an itinerary that meets your needs.  We will be with you during your visits to our facilities to view equipment and for discussions.  For visits to John Deere we will set things up for you, but we recommend you rent a car so you can visit these attractions at you own pace.

 All hotel and incidental costs will be at the visitor’s expense.  AHW will provide transportation, if requested, from the hotel to our facilities and back from Champaign, Illinois.  A typical schedule may look like this:


Arrive Chicago Airport (recommend Chicago Midway International Airport) and are met by a representative of AHW if so requested.  Driven by AHW (or visitor can rent a car and drive himself) to Champaign Illinois (Recommended Hotel).  This will be your base while visiting AHW.  


Visit our facilities in Melvin Illinois to see and check equipment and have discussions with AHW. Visit other AHW stores if required.


Visit dis-assembly and packing facilities.  View farms in the area.


Check out of Hotel and drive by rented car to John Deere in Moline, Illinois and tour John Deere facilities. (Recommended Hotel)


Tour more John Deere facilities.


In the morning check out of hotel and drive to Chicago. On way to Chicago stop by the John Deere Historic Site in Grand Detour Illinois. This is the place John Deere Started at. Check in to hotel in Downtown Chicago.

 Saturday and Sunday

Tours in Chicago.



 (Add two more days and drive to the Waterloo John Deere factory where components and tractor are made and the engine works)

Invitation Letters

We will be happy to provide invitation letters for USA visas but first we must assure that we have the equipment that meets your conditions. This requires for us to have discussion about an offer before we issue such a letter.