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Equipment Set Up

Assembly of Container Shipped Equipment


It is Easy

It is easier than you think.  Never-the-less equipment knowledge is required to assemble a machine or implement.  We recommend that you use an experienced John Deere mechanic for the assembly.  As we disassemble for packing into a container, hose and wiring harnesses are marked to facilitate re-assembly. If required, AHW can dispatch a machine assembler to assist in the assembly.  This person will supervise your mechanics in the assembly.  Contact AHW for a quote.  Most buyers find they do not need assistance but some do for peace of mind.



Please note that shipping regulations by some carriers require us to drain lubricates and diesel from the machine and bleed out the refrigerants from the air-condition system. If this is the case on your machine you will need to obtain local lubricates and diesel as well as recharge the air-condition system.


Adjustments and Set-up

All equipment needs to be adjusted and set-up for your operation no matter if it was shipped in a container dis-assembled or shipped fully assembled.  Your best source for set-up is your operator’s manual that came with your equipment.  If none came with the equipment, most operators’ manuals for current John Deere equipment can be down loaded on line (Click Here). You can also request a paper operator’s manual from AHW. If you still have a question, email or call us.  This service is provided only for John Deere equipment purchased from AHW.  For John Deere equipment not purchased from us, contact your local John Deere dealer.  For Non John Deere equipment, we can only provide limited information.