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Our Support Starts the day you purchase your machine


Customer Support

Customer support embodies the whole experience which starts with your first contact with AHW. We support the whole process from equipment selection to the equipment working in your fields. Every step along is important to you as it is to us.

Initial Contact

From your first contact we try to understand your requirements in order to provide you solutions. We ask questions about your operations, location, crops and conditions. This way we can recommend the correct equipment for you. Click here to see the basic infor-mation we need to assess your requirements.

The Offer

We Support you by provide you with a detail offer. This includes:

  • Full details and photos of the equipment
  • All costs to the port of entry of the equipment
  • Details on how it will be shipped
  • What assembly, if any, that will be required when it arrives plus options for assembly assistance
  • Full details of the terms of sale
  • We work with you on payment terms such as bank transfer and letters of credit.

This information will help you make an informed decision. AHW is always available to answer any questions you may have.

The Order

Once we receive an acceptable funded order our support teams steps into action:

  • EXPORT READY - The equipment is rechecked to insure it is “EXPORT READY”. There is a reason for this. Equipment that is exported most often goes to remote locations. If something fails it is a major task to fix it. By making it “EXPORT READY” we lessen the chance of a failure.
  • LOGISTICS – over 50% of our equipment is shipped in containers for these we arrange for disassembly and packing. We book vessels to your port. In short we take care of everything to get it to your port of entry. The support team works directly with your customs broker on required documentation. We stay with them until all the goods have cleared customs and are on the way to you.


You broker can handle the transport to your location. But once it arrives we are available my emails or phone to answer any setup questions you may have. You have the option of, at extra costs, to have an assembly technician from the USA help in the supervision of the assembly.

Equipment on the Job

Once the equipment is working in the field AHW can provided technical assistance through its award winning service department. This provided by email and phone. We stay with you on the tough ones. In addition full sets of operator and technical manuals can be ordered for all John Deere equipment. Contact us for more details.