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Combine Concave

Combine Harvesters S- Series and STS Combines

Types Recommended by Crop.


Concave type



Wheat, barley, small grains


Popcorn, food corn

Milo/sorghum, sunflowers



Small wire









Large wire









Round bar


















Best: Provides the best level of performance.
Good: Provides a good level of performance.
Average: Provides an average level of performance.
NR: Not recommended.

NOTES: For specialty and seed crops, always use the best-rated concave configuration.

  1. Large-wire concaves are not recommended for greater than 25 percent moisture corn. Matting of green, leafy material significantly reduces separating capacity. 
  2. Optional threshing inserts are available to improve threshing ability in tough threshing varieties or conditions. 
  3. Optional threshing inserts are required in the first concave to improve threshing ability. Tough threshing conditions may require additional threshing inserts in the second and third concaves. 
  4. Optional concave closure covers are available to improve threshing ability and sample cleanliness (white caps, snapped heads, unthreshed pods). Recommended for tough, damp, hard-to-thresh conditions only. Removal of every other wire is recommended for best grain quality results. 
  5. Recommended for normal, dry, easy-to-thresh edible bean harvesting conditions.

Combine Concaves – Large Wire

Large Wire ConcaveLarge-wire concaves are standard on S-Series and STS Series rice combines and available as an option on corn and small-grain combines. Selection of the correct concave configuration is a key component to the performance of the combine in a wide variety of crops and conditions. Three configurations are available as field installed bundle. The chart above is provided as a guide to assist in the selection of the concave type that best suits each producer's needs. Contact AHW for more information.





Combine Concaves – Round Bar

 Round Bar ConcaveRound-bar concaves are standard equipment on corn combines and are recommended for use in corn and soybeans. To choose the concaves see chart above.

 The front concave section is heat-treated. All three sections are available to be heat-treated as an option or in the extended-wear separator package.  Round-bar concaves are the recommended concave when harvesting rice. Large-wire concaves can also be used for harvesting soybeans and dry (below 25 percent) corn.

 NOTE: Round-bar concave inserts are available as a bundle attachment and are recommended for use with round-bar concaves in small grain. This field-installed bundle includes a set of two inserts and attaching hardware for use in the front concave section only. Extended wear is only available through the bundle number BH84226.

 Round-bar concaves provide maximum grain quality and productivity when harvesting corn or soybeans and are recommended for use in specialty crops such as edible beans and food corn.

  Small-wire concaves

Small Wire ConcaveSmall-wire concaves are are recommended for use in wheat, barley, and other cereal crops. To choose the concaves that best fit the operation, see chart above. The small-wire concaves are recommended for use in specialty crops such as grass seed.

 IMPORTANT: Not recommended for use in corn.

 The small-wire concaves are also available as an option with boronized treatment for extended-wear life. This process penetrates the surface of the concave with a layer of hard wear-resistant material, extending the life of the concave up to twice as long, and is available in the extended-wear separator package.


Disclaimer:  These are recommendations only.  Each application has its on challenges. The framer must take all conditions in consideration before using a certain concave.