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TractorData – get specifications on most farm tractors.

AHW used equipment inventory – view all of AHW used equipment inventory.

Order John Deere Manuals – Find the manual numbers and prices.  If you have bought your machine from AHW, send us and email with the manuals you want and we will quote you total cost including shipping.  If you purchased your equipment from other, contact your local John Deere dealer with the manual numbers.

USA Emission Information – Make sure you have the right engine for your country. When ordering equipment, AHW will help you with this. Tier 4 engines for high sulfur fuel countries.

The Furrow Magazine USA or The Furrow Magazine Europe - In its 118-year history, John Deere’s The Furrow has become a legend among farmers worldwide. Until recently it was only available in print through your local John Deere dealer.  Now you can get it here via the internet.


Combine Harvesters Concaves S- Series and STS Combines, Concaves - Select the correct concave

Rice Combines- What to look for

J&M Chaser Bin 24T Operators Manual

J&M Chaser Bin 31T Operators Manual

J&M Chaser Bins Service Guides - this page provides detailed information on the GC24T and GC31T.  Information located here includes, among other information; adjustments, installations and assembly manuals.

Auger Extensions – A discharge auger bust reach past your header in order to be able to discharge into a chase bin.  Most stander auger lengths are adequate for 30 ft headers. But with 35 and 40 foot headers you may require and extra length.  1 ½ foot and 3 foot extensions are available.  Contact AHW for prices.

AMS Systems 

Downloads and Updates - Update your John Deere receivers and displays

AMS Training - Go online and take training at your own pace