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Self-Propelled Sprayers

The 4730 Self-Propelled Sprayer is designed for commercial applicators and farmers who require higher application speeds, like a smooth ride, enjoy operator comfort, and prefer ease of use in all cropping situations. The booms are available in 80-ft, 90-ft, or 100-ft configurations to match cropping systems or operator preference, and can be combined with the optional BoomTrac Pro™ boom-leveling system.

The 800-gal. solution tank can be matched with a high-flow or standard-flow solution system to meet application needs in varying conditions. All sprayer functions are also integrated into the GreenStar™ 2 display along with ag management solutions (AMS) for seamless integration and ease of use. All of these combine to make this the most productive 800-gal. sprayer John Deere has ever built.

Self Propelled SprayersThe GreenStar™-ready CommandViewTM cab provides industry-leading visibility, operator comfort, convenience, safety, and productivity. The operator controls the sprayer with the hydro lever that moves with the ComfortCommand™ seat. Exhaust routing, SprayStar™ display placement, a narrow hood, and a dash console allow excellent visibility to the front of the machine. This aids steering control in tight row-crop conditions.

Self Propelled Sprayers Engine and powertrain—The John Deere 6068T Turbocharged Power- Tech Plus™ 6.8L Tier 3 Diesel Engine delivers 245 hp for abundant power in any field conditions. The in-line fuel pump provides a 10 percent power bulge for lugging through soft soils and hilly terrain.

Optional Traction control on some units enhances productivity . The robust traction control system greatly enhances sprayer productivity.

Self Propelled Sprayers hydrostatic pumpsWhen an operator encounters a wet spot or a steep hill, traction control is engaged by pushing the switch on the right consol. This closes the oil loop lines that travel between the hydrostatic pumps carrying the machine through the tough spot.

The powertrain consists of two hydrostatic pumps. The front pump sends oil to the front left and right rear wheels. The rear hydrostatic pump sends oil to the front right and left rear wheels. If the right front wheel starts to spin with traction control on, the two wheels controlled by the front hydrostatic pump will keep the sprayer moving.

With traction control on, the valve closes the loop between the hydro pumps. This isolates each hydro to control their own two wheels.

With traction control off, the valve opens and oil pressure is equalized between the two pumps. Traction control is engaged by a momentary switch in the cab and can only be engaged when in first range. It is turned off:

  • By the operator using the momentary switch in the cab
  • By SprayStar if the operator shifts into 4th range
  • By SprayStar when the hydrostatic oil temperature increases to 102 degrees Celsius; in this situation, SprayStar will not allow traction control to be reengaged until the oil cools down.

We also have models 4830, 4630 and 4930.

Dry Spreaders

Self Propelled SprayersAHW is one of the largest new leader dealer in the world. New leader beds fit some of the above sprayers. Contact us for dry spreaders.





Pull Type Sprayers

pull sprayersThe John Deere range of sprayers is not preferred by farmers in our area. Most use self-propelled sprayers.  We normally do not have these types of used sprayers in inventory.  A better source pulled or trailed sprayers would be Europe.