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Scraper Tractors

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Scraper Tractors


scraper tractor

There are three models of 9R and three models of 9RT Scraper Special Series Tractors designed to fit specific horsepower needs, ranging from 460 engine hp to 560 engine hp. With the various options available, the 9R/9RT Scraper Special Series Tractors offer a versatile solution to construction and land-leveling operations. John Deere has the scraper special tractor solution available for heavy-duty scraper, large disk, oversized roller, heavy ripper, water tanker, and other implement needs on the construction or land prepetaion sites.  AHW normally has used scarper tractor we can convert a 9000 series tractor for you with scraper or heavy disks. Sometimes conversion is better as a converted tractor was not used in heavy duty application before.




John Deere Scraper tractors have John Deere PowerShift transmissions. A full PowerShift Transmission (PST) maximizes productivity and performance for the 9R Series Scraper Tractors and is designed for the rigorous tasks encountered with the 9R Series Scraper Tractors in mind. The 18-speed PowerShift Transmission is standard equipment on all Scraper models. The John Deere-designed and -manufactured powershift transmission offers industry-leading reliability, more gears within the working range, and unrivaled shift quality.



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