Note On the COVID-19 pandemic

As is the rest of the world, the United States is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. During these trying times AHW is endeavoring to keep business as normal as possible. It is important the we keep supplying a key sector of our world economy. We would like to assure our key customers that we will be here for you during these trying times. On the export side, we are available 7 days a week to support your John Deere parts and used agricultural equipment needs. Keep us advised of your needs.


Nota para la pandemia de COVID-19

Al igual que el resto del mundo, Estados Unidos está lidiando con la pandemia de COVID-19. Durante estos tiempos difíciles, AHW se esfuerza por mantener el negocio lo más normal posible. Es importante que sigamos suministrando un sector clave de nuestra economía mundial. Nos gustaría asegurar a nuestros clientes clave que estaremos aquí para ayudarlo durante estos tiempos difíciles. En cuanto a la exportación, estamos disponible 7 días de la semana para apoyar sus repuestos John Deere y las necesidades de equipos agrícolas usados. Mantenernos informado de tus necesidades.

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Lay the groundwork for better
water management


In Africa water is a critical commodity and you need to conserve it, redirect it, or shed it, the John Deereigrade3

land-leveling system can help you effectively manage water on your operation. A John Deere scraper equipped with the exclusive iGrade™ from AHW is the solution.  This GPS-based product enables Surface Water Pro™ Plus by automating the hydraulic commands of the scraper blade. The iGrade system uses an RTK correction signal to ensure extreme precision. Manual adjustments, and the operator fatigue that comes with them, will be a thing of the past.  Another huge advantage to the iGrade system is its

time savings over a laser system. Because iGrade works effectively up 1.6 kilometer away from an RTK base station, you’ll require far fewer base-station moves, which will maximize your up-time. Also, because GPS isn’t affected by factors such as heat waves, dust, snow, wind, and rain like a laser system would be, you’ll be in the field on days when a laser system would have you sidelined.

 Streamline your day

Using iGrade won’t just improve your water management system; it will save you time, too. Consider this: On average, moving a laser base station takes one person approximately 10 minutes…a small amount of time that can really add up. For example, a single operator leveling a section of land that is 1.6 kilometer in radius, using a laser system with a 305-meter radius, would have to stop 28 times to move the base station. At 10 minutes a stop, that’s 280 minutes, or 4 hours and 40 minutes, spent moving the base station!


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