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Move more for less - John Deere Carry-All & Ejector Scrapers and Tractors

Scraper Equipment

The world's population is large and it takes a lot of food to support it. Fortunately there is enough land suitable for large scale agriculture. Bush land that must be cleared and leveled for planting.  Leveling is especially needed for rice land that must be sloped just right to drain the fields. John Deere has the equipment for your leveling needs.

John Deere Pull Scrapers

Throughout the world, earth-movers have been moving material with conventional self-propelled scrapers or with rigid/articulated trucks and excavators. John Deere pull-type scrapers are a valuable solution for earth-movers, allowing them to move the same material using 1/2 the labor, 1/3 the investment, and saving 30 cents to 50 cents per cubic yard.

 Earth-movers experience the versatility of the John Deere scraper system by using the scrapers in single, tandem, or triple configurations as weather and job site conditions dictate. The scraper tire configurations provide industry-leading flotation, allowing customers to work while the competitor systems sit and wait.

In the earth-moving business, customers need rugged, reliable construction-grade equipment on which they can depend. John Deere scrapers are built with the construction and farmer in mind. Using heavy-duty reinforced components and high-grade steel, John Deere scrapers are made to deliver rock-solid dependability, industry-leading up-time, and superior productivity.

John Deere scrapers are built to lower maintenance costs, maximize productivity, and save money. John Deere scrapers are manufactured in the United States using advanced machine tools, robotic welding, and a highly skilled workforce to help ensure its quality and durability. Each scraper model is designed to withstand the forces encountered when pulled by tractors with over 575 power take-off (PTO) hp.

John Deere offers a wide variety of factory and field scraper options for every application. From precision land leveling to heavy commercial excavation, John Deere answers the call. One or more of these options can be combined to configure a scraper system perfect for even the most unique conditions.

John Deere carry-all and ejector scrapers come in a variety of sizes. Whether it is 11.5-m3 (15-cu yd), 13.8-m3

(18-cu yd), 16.1-m3 (21-cu yd), 3-m (10-ft), 3.6-m (12-ft), or 4.3-m (14-ft) cutting widths, John Deere has a scraper to meet your needs.

John Ejector Scraper

ejector 204x138Whether you’re leveling land for agricultural use or are doing general earthmoving work, you’ll appreciate the rugged construction of John Deere ejector scrapers. They feature a moving wall that pushes material over a fixed blade. The steep angle of that wall, combined with field-proven cylinders, make this a scraper that’s ideal for handling heavier soil, including clay and gumbo.



John Deere Carry-All Scraper

carryall 204x138Need a low-cost way to precision-level your land? Then you need a John Deere Carry-all Scraper. But their use doesn’t stop at leveling fields. These versatile tools provide a variety of services around the farm, including maintaining cattle feedlots, building grain bin foundations, reclaiming water-way topsoil, creating commercial ponds, and much more. Available in five models, the carry-alls feature a standard bucket with a straight-blade configuration. The bucket rotates when unloading. Compared to ejector scrapers, carry-alls weigh less and have better flotation, making them ideal for use in sandy soil.

The straight-blade configuration loads topsoil and sand well. However, other configurations and multiple blade options – including long-lasting carbide abrasion-resistant blades (CARB) – can be used to match soil conditions, reduce load time, increase load size, and break slabs into pieces for smoother fill areas.  Field-proven cylinders, make this a scraper that’s ideal for handling heavier soil, including clay and gumbo.