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Consider Wear When you buy a used Rice Combine

Rice Harvesting upgrades

Rice harvesting presents its own set of challenges.  First rice is very abrasive. This causes certain parts or a combine to wear very fast as the rice passes through.  Second, rice combines normally work in wet fields.  Both these challenges are addressed by AHW.

The Abrasive Challenge

AHW does not sell used rice combines.  Used rice combines come into the used equipment market after they have been worn by the rice and have little use left in them.  For this reason we do not like to export them. What we do is take a corn or soybean combine in very good condition and upgrade it for rice harvesting.

 The upgrades include:

  • Poly Last Tube Liners - these are poly liners that can be easily replaced as they wear. These can be for combines, chaser bins, swing away augers and more. Poly liners for combine auger tubes.
  • Poly bed liners
  • Poly Grain Head Auger Trough Liners.
  • Header Poly Skids.
  • Rotor separation tines.
  • High Wear Large wire Concaves
  • Rubber Tracks.

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poly tube

Poly Liners


Rice Tracks

Tracks for Rice