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600F HydraFlex
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600F HydraFlex Platforms™
Available in 5 models, ranging from 20- to 35-foot widths. And with Segmented Skid Shoes you’ll get the flexibility you need to follow ground contours, so you can reduce field losses in down or tangled crops.

HydraFlex Technology
Run faster and cut cleaner over uneven ground. Float arms with hydraulic cylinders give you a full six inches of float. When ground conditions change, you can adjust the float pressure from the cab to match cuttng conditions. For rigid operation, simply use the maximum pressure, or use mechanical lock-out brackets.

Knife Drive
This heavy-duty epicyclic drive boosts both drive capacity and reliability.

Double-Cut Knives
Four-inch double-cut knives provide both increased cuttng capacity and harvesting speed.

26-inch Diameter Auger
600F smallWith its five-inch flighting and long, retractable fingers, this auger aggressively grabs a thick crop mat for smooth feeding into the feederhouse.

The most popular in Africa is the 630F platform for soybean crops.

600FD HydraFlex™ Drapers Check out our inventory.

draper picHigh-speed harvest without compromise

Choose your size: 40-foot, 35-foot, or new 30-foot drapers give you 7.5 inches of flex across the cutterbar, so you can cut lower, move faster, and get the job done sooner … without sacrificing quality.

The John Deere 600 series FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platforms provide for increased combine productivity in soybeans and other small-grains. HydraFlex technology allows the operator to vary the cutterbar ground pressure without affecting the cuttng height of the crop even at high ground speeds. The draper belt system ensures smooth, uniform feeding of crop to the feed drum and into the combine feederhouse.

Durable, high quality poly-tine reel enables greater performance at larger width, helping to achieve the best process in crop flow and feeding capacity. The 600FD series has unique draper-style cuttng system delivers high-capacity feeding that is required of the high-capacity John Deere combines.

Ridged Headers
We do not inventory used ridged headers but can obtain some to fill out a combine order.