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600C Series Corn
Heads: High-speed
harvesting, even in
tough conditions

Maize Headers

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600C Series Maize Heads
The 600C Series Maize Heads were recently redesigned from the ground up in model year 2012. 616C Corn Heads provide the high-capacity and productivity features for which growers are looking. These improved corn heads deliver durability and dependability second to none, plus innovative designs and technology that deliver distinct advantages: Higher levels of performance when harvesting standing, down, or leaning crops.

The 600C Series Maize Heads takes in less material, increasing separation, and throughput, allowing growers to better utilize the higher levels of capacity of the John Deere combines. Increased residue management capabilities with more aggressive, longer-lasting knife rolls. Most of our used 600C Series Maize Heads are in 8, 12 and 16 row configuration with 30 inch spacing.

Also available with the 600 Series Corn Head is a redesigned version of StalkMaster™. StalkMaster Corn Heads are available on the 616C 30-in. row spacing. Operators will not only get the benefits of the 600 Series Corn Head, but also the ultimate in cornstalk residue processing.

90 Series of Maize Heads.
We also carry older models of maize heads such as:

600c tmbThese are at a more modest price but completely serviceable able and ready to use. The 90 Series Corn Heads are designed with Perma-GlideTM technology that delivers superior corn head performance when harvesting standing corn, down corn, or leaning crops.

StalkMaster is a stalk-chopping feature found on some of our used 1291 and 893 Corn Heads. Cuttng and sizing of stalks at harvest time becomes a whole lot easier.

All headers and platform models have built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier and more profitable for the customer.