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chaserbin tmbThe standard for many parts of Africa is to bring a full combine harvester out of the field to roadside in order to discharge its full bin onto a wagon or truck. This effects the time that the combine has for harvesting. A chaser bin (or as it is called in some countries, a grain cart or auger wagon) runs alongside the combine which discharges it grain without ever stopping. By doing this the farmer gets a considerable more field time from the combine. Chaser bins are standard operations in the United States and large farms throughout the world.

A tractor with sufficient horse power is required to pull the chaser bin. Bins range in size from 16 ton to 36 ton with a 24 ton bin being the most popular for large farms in Africa. Most have single axles but some are found with two axles.

tireoptions tmbChaser bins come with a number of tire options to meet your needs. Also available are tracks. Tracks are a requirement for rice application, soft conditions and for less compaction.

 AHW carries J&M and EZ Tech Chaser Bins for Export.

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