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Commercial Worksite Products

Our used John Deere compact machines may be small, but they’re full of your big ideas. So you can get more done, more reliably for less.

Small wonders –Deere Skid Steer loadersTrack skid steere

Skid SteereLoaded with customer-inspired enhancements, our Series Skid Steers combine spacious and quiet pressurized cabs with curved-glass wing-out doors to deliver comfort and best-in-class visibility. While small and economical our skid steers offer standard sfoot controls with an option for hands-only controls. They come in wheel and track versions.




Spin doctors. –Deere Compact Excavators

Here’s some positive spin on productivityy: Deere compact excavators’ zero- and reduced-tail-swing designs allow these nimble excavators to rotate fully without banging their tails into something.  Combined with independent-swing boom and 360-deg. rotation, they work with ease around obstacles.  But it’s not just their shape and small stature that let them work circles around other compacts.  High-torque diesel engines, quick cycles, smooth hydraulics, and impressive drawbar pull make these highly capable compacts even more able. Like all John Deere machines, extended service intervals and wide-open access help maximize up-time and minimize operating costs.




Deere compact loader

compact loaderWith big breakout forces, high-dump clearances, and strong lift capabilities, these versatile loaders deliver fast cycles.  Two-range hydrostatic drive trains deliver infinite travel speeds up to 30 km/h (19 mph).




The newer models are tier 4 and not suitable for Africa but we have some older but low units with tier 3.