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Ag Management Solutions

Year-round application, faster field performance, reduced input costs, stronger yields – Ag Management Solutions deliver all of these and more. Employ any of the groundbreaking Ag Management Solutions from our full products lineup, and watch your bottom line grow. From the moment the tires hit the soil to the last harvest of the year, this advanced, yet user-friendly technology is ready to make you money, year after year, in all areas of your business.

Throughout the world, more and more producers are using precision farming technologies in their operations, and John Deere and AHW continues to be at the forefront of this revolution. John Deere’s full range of products accommodates the diverse needs of growers today. So whether you want to gather information, reduce input and labor costs, increase efficiency, or better manage your land and water resources, turn to John Deere. AHW can
help you find the AMS technologies and solutions that are best.

Ag Management Solutions connect you with a smarter way of doing business…

• Increased productivity, efficiency and profitability
• Less consumption and waste
• Reduced inputs costs
• User-friendly technology
• Fast return on investment
• More control and quicker response time
• Less stress and effort

solutioncenterAHW is a John Deere Farmsight certified dealer and provides support for John Deere AMS, GreenStar, GPS, RTK networks. AHW has taken a mainstreaming approach when it comes to precision agriculture with its Solution Center with 14 individuals who work with nothing but AMS. This center is available to our customers on a subscription basis. Contact us for more details.

AHW will provide AMS systems for equipment we export. This includes SF1 activations and APEX software.

domore displayThe do-more display: The GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display Get more capability, more reliability, and more visibility You said you’d like a better touch-screen and faster operating speeds. And you weren’t shy about telling us you’d like a display that offers new applications, such as video capabilities, operator lock-outs, and even improved field locator functionality.

starfire3000A beacon for profit, at every level Just as there are different agronomic practices, operators require different accuracy levels. Using our own StarFire™ network we can provide you with a reliable, accurate, and repeatable signal customized to your needs, delivering the accuracy and control you demand. Get reception that’s made for the shade with the StarFire™ 3000 Receiver. If you have heavily-treed fence lines or hilly ground, then you need the Star- Fire™ 3000 Receiver. It delivers outstanding reception in shaded conditions, holding a signal longer and reacquiring it faster than any previous model. That means maximum up-time and accuracy for you. But that’s not all. The StarFire 3000 also provides improved performance in sloping terrain, as well as increased satellite availability through GLONASS, the Russian satellite constellation. Finally, the StarFire 3000 offers the ease of over-the-air receiver activation. Add it all up, and you have a receiver that’s made not just for the shade, but for any conditions you can throw at it.

Customized signal accuracy
John Deere offers its own differential corrections through the StarFire network. Developed in 1998, the StarFire network was the world’s first Global SatelliteBased Augmentation System (GSBAS) capable of decimeter real-time accuracy. Everyone uses the same raw satellite signals, but differential corrections are another story. Because John Deere owns its own network of reference stations and processing hubs, users do not have to rely on Wide Area Application Services/European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (WAAS/EGNOS) or go to a third-party differential corrections service.

StarFire SF1.
The John Deere-exclusive SF1 differential correction signal delivers +/- 9-inch pass-to-pass accuracy, ideal for tillage, seeding, and broad-acre spraying. This activation can be purchased from AHW.

StarFire SF2.
For those users who need higher accuracy, the StarFire 3000 can be upgraded to SF2 Ready. SF2 delivers +/- 2-inch pass-to-pass accuracy, which is ideal for row-crop planting. A SF2 subscription is also required but must be purchased from your local John Deere dealer.

StarFire RTK.
Use cropping practices that require the ultimate in accuracy? Then go with RTK. It provides +/- 1-inch accuracy and repeatability pass to pass. In the USA you can take advantage of a John Deere dealer-owned RTK Or AHW owned networks, In Africa you must set up your own.

StarFire RtK Radios.
The StarFire™ 450 RTK Radio (FCC or Industry Canada license required) improves your signal coverage and maintains RTK’s one inch accuracy, even in challenging terrain or dense foliage conditions. The StarFire 450 RTK Radio can be used with any receiver, as well as on the same base station as a StarFire 900 RTK Radio.