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Watch Out Before you Import Any Machine!

Things To Look For

Things to Look for in an Imported Machine.

Before you import a machine from Europe or America one must look for a number of things:

In The Dealer

Insure that the seller is a real dealer and not just a broker. Brokers are individuals who will find equipment for you but have no facilities and no accountability. It is best you work with an official dealer for a major brand like John Deere. All dealers say they export but in fact they sell and forget. You want a dealer that is in the export business for real. Make sure the exporting dealer has experience in Africa. Also that he is looking for repeat business. This way he must provide equipment that will satisfy your needs.

In the Condition of the equipment

Hours of use and year are not the only thing to look for. The condition is another. This is especially true with combines. Many used combines where operated by contractors who run the equipment heavy with the very least amount of service. Others are used by own-er operators who take immaculate care of their machines. Both machines may be the same year and have the same hours. They may also look the same from the outside but the owner operator machine will be much better. AHW equipment is owner operated equipment and most have been serviced from the time it was purchased new by AHW.

The Engine Tier

The correct engine in your equipment is the most important item. Most dealers in Europe or USA do not realize the importance of the correct engine for the fuels available in Africa. Get the incorrect engine and the engine life will be short lived.

The Engine TierThe environment is taken very seriously in the USA and Europe. All companies selling in those markets have been working on lowering engine emissions since the 1960’s, years before government standards were set. Today, the governments in Europe and the USA have set the standards for engines sold in these markets. These engines are noted with a tier rating. Tier 1, 2 and 3 can be used in most African countries. The fuels found in most places in Africa do not meet the specifications for Interim tier 4 and final tier 4 engines. The tier 4 engines are found on many but not all of the recent models 2012 and later. Many dealers in Europe and USA do not understand the fuel conditions in Africa as AHW does and will ship tier 4 engines with bad results for the customer.

You can see John Deere’s approach to lowering engine emissions by clicking here.

New equipment sold by John Deere in areas with the lower fuel specifications has tier 2 or 3 engines. These engines can only be sold for export. Not all models are available with these lower spec engines. As such many customers come to us for late model equipment required for sophisticated farming operations, equipment that has tier 4 engines and not imported into African markets. AHW with its experience in Africa understands this and will work with you to select the proper equipment with the correct engine for your area. In addition, AHW has worked with John Deere to obtain Sulfur Modification kits for some John Deere equipment with tier 4 engines. Kits for more models are being developed.