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Cross Border Support

A local dealer can only work with you in the country which they represent. If you have operations in a number of countries you need to work with many different dealers.  AHW makes it easy. We are one dealer who can handle your import and export needs.  Because we cannot supply new John Deere equipment outside our area of responsibility in the United States, we do supply like new, low hour, late model, John Deere equipment to our overseas customers.

Have operations in Zambia and Uganda? – no problems.  Have operations in Zambia and Uganda plus in Russia? - again no problems.  AHW is well versed with logistics worldwide. Ours staff has years of experience working in many countries.  We speak English, Spanish, and Russian. AHW understands the requirements, the cultures, and the equipment used in many different places. All our export sales staff has worked and lived overseas.  We understand your needs and how you work. 

For more information on how AHW can help you, contact us by email or phone.