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John Deere - 175 YearsWho We Are

We Know Grain Cropping 

We are grain equipment dealers offering a full range of medium to large used John Deere equipment, for the medium to large farmer. AHW offers technical consultations on equipment application to customers to help them select the right used equipment.  With over 80 years supporting the grain cropping industry, AHW knows your business and how best to support you.


What Equipment We Offer 

With a large inventory of quality low hour used equipment, AHW is in the position to provide its customers a large  choice of equipment.  Our equipment is well maintained and comes from an area with little or no rocks, a destructive element to combine harvesters.  In addition to combine harvesters and headers we have a full range of self-propelled sprayers, large HP tractors, large planters, large discs and cultivators.  Our products are John Deere, the most productive brand in the world.  We also have other quality non-Deere products such as new chaser bins. 


We Know Export

With over 80 years as a respected John Deere dealer, AWH has served generations of satisfied users.  We operate out to the America grain belt supplying new and used John Deere equipment to the most productive land in the world. Along the way we learned a lot about grain farming from the American farmer.  We have also learned from our overseas customers many of whom are world class farmers on their own right.  These farms look for world class equipment and suppliers like AHW who understands their need. Our equipment is working the most productive lands worldwide.  We work daily with these farms and the needs of the farmer.


You Know the Brand

AHW exports low hour high quality used John Deere equipment.  John Deere with its 178 year history is known as a supplier of the best farm machinery in the world.  John Deere is dedicated to those who are linked to the land, a value that AHW also follows. John Deere is committed to your success. And because of Deere’s past, its passion, and its purpose for helping you, you become more profitable and productive. John Deere is uniquely positioned to be the equipment supplier of choice.

“Both John Deere and AHW are dedicated to those who are linked to the land”

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